2004 NEWS & EVENTS Archive Page                      




Road&Track Photo Shoot . . . Our friends at Road&Track were doing a photo shoot several months ago on the Dodge Magnum RT, which is a hot rodded sports wagon with a HEMI.  Now Tom Bryant, Editor-in-Chief, knows how to frame a shot - and Guy Spangenberg knows .  . . . Click photo for full story




Roadster Roundup . . . Thanks to the Bay Area Roadsters, our club was invited to participate in our 3rd Roadster Roundup, and we're looking forward to RR No. 40, to be hosted by the LA Roadsters next September in SLO.  Even though several of our guys.  . . . Click photo for full story




CR/BAR SLO Run . . . The joint weekend cruise hosted by the California Roadsters for our friends from the Bay Area Roadsters was a huge success, with a bonding of like minded roadster guys and gals.  . . . Click photo for full story




2004 SLO Run . . . When the weather starts to warm-up and the tops come down, it’s Spring time and that means only one thing, we’re going on a SLO run.  If I wasn’t a member of the California Roadsters, the best group of roadster minded guys around . . . Click photo for full story




Grand National Roadster Show . . . Now we don't have a bunch of trailer queens in the California Roadsters, and we're not big Showtime type rodders, which made us a little hesitant when an invitation was received to do a club display at the inaugural GNRS . . . Click photo for full story

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