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Roadster Roundup. The There were over 100 roadsters that made the 42nd Annual Roadster Roundup (RR), sponsored this year by the San Jose Roadsters.  The RR is hosted on a rotating basis by the four member clubs (Bay Area Roadsters, San Jose Roadsters, Valley Roadsters and Los Angeles Roadsters).  The San Luis Roadsters and the California Roadsters .  . . .  click photo for story & pics




Great American Race. Let me start off by saying that this year’s “Great Race” was a “Great” disappointment due to the drop in entrants down from 115 to 72.    Don’t get me wrong. Everybody had a great time and the competition was fierce. It’s just that there was this feeling that something appeared to be missing.  Before starting out in . . . .  click photo for story & pics




SLO Run. The California Roadsters were honored to be invited to the 2007 Gathering, an inaugural event hosted by the San Luis Roadsters, held in SLO from May 18th through the 20th. This was the 15th year our club has made the run to SLO and it was the consensus that it was one of the best ever, replacing the former static car show in the park with a well planned run.  . . .  click photo for story & pics