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24 Hour Lemans. How many hot rodders have ever gotten the opportunity to race In The 24 Hour Lemans? Well, our very own Max Jamiesson did just that on July 7-10, 2006.  Every other year the Federation Franchise of Sport Automobile (FFSA) sponsors a Historic 24 Hour Leman Event, a few weeks after the Grand Daddy 24 Hour Race  . . .  click photo for story & pics




The 41st Roadster Roundup, held September 15-18 in South Lake Tahoe is one for the books, and was the fifth RR that the California Roadsters have had the pleasure of being invited to attend.  This RR is the most memorable for several reasons, including: it was the furthest distance, which cut down on attendance; the most spectacular due to . . .  click photo for story & pics




That's our very own Bernie Couch, proudly displaying the Vince Bartolone High Mileage Award trophy.  Bernie has been driving and racing his 1932 Ford Roadster since acquiring his first and only ride in 1941, at the young age of 17.  The trophy will be awarded on an annual basis to the member that drives his roadster the most, with an inscription on the trophy and a cash award . . .  click photo for larger view




It all started . . . at Frank and Evelyn Currie's 50th wedding anniversary party.  One of the many guests was Wayne Stanfield, the honcho of the National Guard Great American Race (GAR).  He extended an offer to Frank and Jerry Kugel to bring their street rods and participate as VIP guests  .click photo for story & pics




Wow, what a trip . . . sign me up for next year, was the reaction of Dick Roseberry, after completing this year's Run to Indy with Andy Brizio. Three California Roadsters members made the trip including Dick, Duane McKinney and Chet Norris.   Dick said he has never had such a great . . . .  click photo for story & pics




The kickoff of the hot rod season, and our favorite run to SLO in May was cancelled; but being determined rodders, we went anyway.  Forget the static car shows, or the mega commercial events, letís put the rubber to the road, with a few roadster buddies, see some back country roads, have some eats, visit several wineries and . . .  click photo for story & pics




Well, what can I say, Wrecks to Riches, Episode No. 2, co-starring Tony Correia, was better than the first one, with less drama and a better story line, if that's really important in these buildup series. It followed the buildup of a '71 HEMI GTX Clone, which ultimately went to auction in Reno for $76,000.  Barry admitted to having $51K hard . . .  click photo for more info




Our club was again invited to do a five roadster display at the 2006 GNRS (Jan. 20-23), in a building that was reserved exclusively for club displays.  This was our third year of participation, since the GNRS came south, and most of the guys have been an entrant at least once, with the majority declining to do a repeat performance. California Roadsters was represented in 2006 by . . .  click photo for details